The Chupacabra is a creature that is native to Mexico, that drains the blood, and sometimes the internal organs, of it's victims, leaving the body empty of blood and 3 mysterious puncture wounds on the place it sucked the blood out of the victim.


The Chupacabra is seen, in the End of the Show, as a pair of Glowing Red to Green
Chupacabra 2
eyes (The Green Eyes probably Belonging to another Animal), though earlier in the show, it is Seen as looking like a Dog-like creature. In the Revelations and some witness accounts it looks like an Alien creature, But in a video it looks like a Dog or Coyote.

People KilledEdit

  • Eva's Mother
  • Eva's Father



  • It's curious to note that Eva's mother and father were killed almost at the exact same time. It would be nearly impossible for a single animal to kill both people, so it might be likely that there was more than one Chupacabra in the episode. The drone's heat sensor only caught one Chupacabra, but the others might have been in the brush.

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